Introducing the Breakfast Bag Food Drive!

Introducing the Breakfast Bag Food Drive!

Volunteers currently deliver more than 2,000 Breakfast Bags to seniors each month. With demand continuing to increase, we’re so excited to introduce the BRAND NEW quarterly Breakfast Bag Food Drive!

The next 30 days are dedicated to stocking our shelves to ensure this vital program is available to all of our homebound seniors.

About Breakfast Bags — Breakfast Bags is a 100% donation-based program, providing nonperishable meals for our most food-insecure seniors. In addition to a critical source of nutrients, these bags also let homebound seniors know our community has not forgotten them.

There are a variety of fun ways your can support this program – here’s how…

Option 1

Host a food drive or purchase predetermined food items, decorate brown lunch bags, then assemble the food items into those bags at a time and location of their choosing (such as your home or office). Volunteers then drop the bags off to our office in Conroe or The Woodlands. Request more information.

Option 2

For each $300 donation, Meals on Wheels will provide bags and contents for your group to decorate and assemble 200 Breakfast Bags at our facilities – a great opportunity for corporations and organizations. Request more information.

Option 3

Short on time? Simply purchase items from our online grocery list and ship them directly to our office, we’ll take care of the rest!

Or, for each $1.50 donation, you can provide a Breakfast Bag to a local senior in need.

Thank you for supporting this Food Drive, which provides so much for our local, homebound seniors!

Contact Maggie with questions – or 936.756.5828 ext 5849.