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A community nourishing, enriching, and strengthening seniors, improving the lives of the elderly in the Montgomery County area.

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To foster the independence and dignity of homebound seniors in Montgomery County by providing them with nutritious meals, transportation, and caring connections.

Meals on Wheels History

Formerly known as the Friendship Center, our organization was founded in 1973 to meet the growing needs of the aging population. As demand changed over time, we adapted into what is now Meals on Wheels Montgomery County.

Since then, we have grown from a small grass-roots organization based in Conroe to an organization delivering nearly 300,000 meals and providing nearly 15,000 rides to local seniors and the disabled annually.

MOWMC has a successful track record of nourishing local seniors, and the need is evident with a Waitlist that continues to grow. Today, we rely on support from hundreds of volunteers, thousands of donors, and dozens of businesses to serve more seniors and meet the needs of our most vulnerable neighbors.

Where We Are Today

More Than A Meal

As we continue to evolve, new programs are created to better serve homebound seniors, including:

Each month new seniors are added to service, yet demand continues to increase. People are living longer, 40% of baby boomers have no retirement savings, and 12,000 adults are turning 60 every day.

The senior population is growing faster than ever before. As we look to the future, we must build an organization that will be here to nourish every homebound senior in need for decades to come.

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Eliminate The Waitlist

People Added To Waitlist Each Month
of Baby Boomers Have No Retirement
0 %
of Seniors Who Visit Emergency Rooms Arrive Malnourished
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As we age, we enter a continuum of physical decline. Most of us will reach a point where we are not ready for nursing home care but do need assistance to remain at home. Social Security and Medicare, although important as we age, do not provide services to prepare meals or transportation for seniors. Local family members are often overwhelmed, while those at a distance are unable to provide daily physical support. This reality leaves many of our homebound elderly hungry and isolated. At Meals on Wheels Montgomery County, we solve these issues with the help of community members like you.

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