Fun & easy summer projects!

Fun & easy summer projects!

WOO-HOO! School’s out for summer! Now, what to do to occupy the kids?

Time flies and it’s hard to believe the last week of school is here! The solstice calendar may say summer doesn’t start until June 21st, but around here, summer starts when school’s out – which means it’s almost time to relax, have fun in the sun, and find activities to keep those kiddos entertained!

And you’re in luck! We have a project that’s fun (and easy) for all ages and – BONUS! – it helps support your community by feeding local seniors!

You and the kids can join our efforts to combat senior hunger by volunteering to make Breakfast Bags!

How does it work?

You provide the items, decorate brown lunch bags, then assemble the items into those bags and drop them off to our office. Not sure how to get the food? We have some kid-tested and parent approved ideas!

  • Have your son or daughter (or the whole crew) ask family and friends to contribute a box of oatmeal, or case of juice boxes, to support their summer project – who better to ask than those who always say yes to your cute kiddos?
  • Join your kids on a walk around the neighborhood, passing out flyers promoting your food drive. Neighbors can either drop items to your house, or place them on their porch on a certain date for the kids to pick up.
  • Get your co-workers involved by placing a bin in your office or daycare to collect donations. And of course, there’s your friends on social media who would love to help!
  • Share the project with your groups –  churches, Scout Troops, cheer and dance squads, sports teams, summer camps – all great partners who can come together to donate their time and their youthful energy!

Interested in getting started? Request for more info and we’ll send you all the details!

We currently deliver 2,000 bags each month with help from people like you. These bags, delivered with a smile, are one of the many ways we feed both body and soul. Each bag provides nourishment while letting our local seniors know our community has not forgotten them.

Breakfast bags is a 100% donation-based program which provides a nonperishable second meal to homebound seniors. We found that, even with the lunch we provide 5 days/week, many seniors are still faced with choosing between food and medicine at the end of the month – and we’re working to eliminate that problem!

Read more about the program.