Senior Stories: Keith and Nancy

Senior Stories: Keith and Nancy

Most people dream of a love as timeless and lasting as that shared between Keith and Nancy. The two exemplify the romance of childhood sweethearts, and their story sounds like something from a movie.

From the Beginning

Senior Stories: Keith and Nancy, Meals on Wheels Montgomery CountyKeith and Nancy met as George and Martha Washington in their first-grade school play. Keith fondly remembers the instant connection the two shared. Even at that young age, he couldn’t shake the feeling that she was something special. The two shared their first kiss during that very play, and Keith was smitten.

Holding Hands

Following their first grade theatrical debut, Keith proudly displayed his affection for Nancy.  At school assemblies, he always stood near her so he could hold her hand. Nancy was the shy one of the pair and attempted to hide their budding romance from friends but to no avail. They had their first official date at 14, at a family dinner. As Keith held her hand he felt an unshakable surety that she would be his wife one day.

80 Years Later

Keith and Nancy were married in 1954, and have been inseparable now for more than 80 years. Keith is legally blind, so when Nancy broke her hip, preparing meals became an impossibility.  The two wanted to remain together and weren’t ready to transition to a nursing home, but they wondered what other option they had.

Meals on Wheels: Preserving Dignity

With the help of Meals on Wheels, Keith and Nancy were able to remain together in the home they love. Volunteers deliver delicious meals and provide valuable support. This support allows homebound seniors to continue living with dignity and independence. Meals on Wheels is more than food. It’s hope, safety, and stability.

“If not for Meals on Wheels Montgomery County, my parents couldn’t stay at home.” – Paula, Keith and Nancy’s daughter

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