Senior Stories: Audrey

Senior Stories: Audrey

Senior Stories, Audrey, Meals on Wheels Montgomery County

Audrey grew up in England during WWII. One evening, she went to see the film Neptune’s Daughter and it was there her life changed forever. The theatre was nearly empty when a big, tall American asked if he could have the seat next to her. After the movie, they enjoyed tea together. That man was William (Bill), whom she would wed after two years of courting. They moved to the United States in 1953 and soon started their family.

Making a Home in Montgomery County

In 1976, Audrey and her family settled in Montgomery County, Texas. Bill had a workshop and filled their home with gorgeous, hand-crafted furniture, which Audrey said was part of the love of their home. They both enjoyed spending time in their yard, brimming with waterfalls, gardens, and their pink family mimosa tree. Bill and Audrey were married for 63 years. As much as she wanted to, she was unable to care for him during his last year, and he transitioned to an assisted care facility.

Not Ready to Leave

After the passing of her husband, Audrey considered transitioning to an independent/assisted care facility but found it too hard to leave her home and the memories of her life with her husband. Staying in her home stands as a reminder of love, where she is surrounded by her memories, porcelain dolls she handmade over the years, and the furniture her husband crafted.  Home is also where Audrey’s companion kitty Sherpa lives. Sherpa is Audrey’s adopted kitty cat and loyal companion and according to Audrey–they keep each other going. When she discovered that none of the facilities she was considering allowed pets, her mind was made.

Meals On Wheels: Fostering Independence

Meals on Wheels Montgomery County has allowed Audrey to stay in her home, right where she wants to be. Audrey appreciates the volunteers at Meals on Wheels and loves to have them visit. She enjoys the conversation and the security of being checked on. When Audrey fell in the kitchen, it was a Meals on Wheels volunteer who was there to help her. Meals on Wheels Montgomery Country has allowed Sherpa and Audrey to live independently in the home they love. 

Meals on Wheels is more than just a meal. It’s also a way of fostering independence while keeping our seniors safe and cared for.