Senior Stories: Wayne

Senior Stories: Wayne

Wayne Mason, Meals on Wheels Montgomery County, Senior Stories

Wayne and his wife, Alice, were married 47 years, and she handled all the housework, cooking, and cleaning. When she passed away eight years ago, Wayne was unsure how he would manage without her. Luckily, Meals on Wheels Montgomery County provided a solution that allowed Wayne to stay in his home and be cared for.

Memories, Music and More

Wayne, an upbeat and positive 78-year-old, is retired from his maintenance and housekeeping position at Palais Royal, where he received several letters of appreciation and accomplishment from the President of the company. These letters are proudly displayed in his tidy home.

Wayne adores music and grew up on Country Western, but enjoys music of all kinds. He likes to show off his Jim Morrison t-shirt and reminiscences of when he played drums in the band Blue Notes, performing in small nightclubs and venues when he was younger. Wayne enjoys sitting on his porch, listening to his radio and watching the wildlife around him.

Advice for Younger Generations

Wayne’s number one piece of advice, and one he always tries to follow is: “never give up on yourself–it’s the worst thing you can do”. He is very proud that he has been able to care for his home since his wife passed. He was determined to continue enjoying life and says that even though sometimes he has rough minutes, he chooses to stay upbeat and positive.

Meals on Wheels: Fostering Independence

Meals on Wheels is perfect for Wayne. Since he doesn’t know how to cook, the meals provided help keep him fed, and volunteer visits provide him with someone to check in on his safety and well-being. Wayne is very appreciative of Meals on Wheels and recently began the Breakfast Bag program, as well. He enjoys his twice a week phone call from his volunteer and the conversations they share.

Meals on Wheels has made it possible for Wayne to stay home, listening to his music and enjoying his time on his porch. Meals on wheels offers more than just a meal. It gives hope, safety, and stability for seniors in need.